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Tech Talk for September 2019
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Anyone can use Spark Sport regardless of who their Internet Service Provider (ISP) is; simply sign up to Spark Sport online.
Your streaming experience might be affected if lots of devices in your house or lots of people in your neighbourhood are also using the internet.

How fast will my broadband need to be?
What happens if my connection isn't fast enough?


UFB stands for Ultrafast Broadband. UFB is the future of the internet in New Zealand and is the new Network that the goverment has set aside $1.35 billion to development. Instead of the traditional copper cables, UFB uses Fibre Optic cables directly to your building. Fibre Optic cables transmit data using light rather then electrical currents. This allows not only a faster connection but there is no longer the distance restriction as with copper cables.

Can I get UFB at my address?

Our UFB plans are only available on the Chorus UFB network in the Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough areas.

To check your address. Go to: and type in your address.


All TPnet connections include a Static IP address

UFB Plan

(max speed down/up Mbps)




Data (GB)

Cost per month

Data (GB)

Cost per month

Home 100/20


$75.00 Incl GST


$85.00 Incl GST

Residential Install only

Minimum speed 2.5 Mbps down/up (Chorus CIR)

Home 100/20


$95.00 Incl GST

Residential Install only

Minimum speed 2.5 Mbps down/up  (Chorus CIR)

Business 30/10



ex. GST



ex. GST

Minimum speed 5 Mbps down/up  (Chorus CIR)

Business 100/50



ex. GST



ex. GST

Minimum speed 10/2.5 Mbps down/up  (Chorus CIR)


Business plans have zero rated local (TPN network) data included. Read more...

Any excess data is charged at a flat $1 per GB used.

Local Service is locally owned and operated and is an experienced Internet Service Provider with a long history in the Nelson Tasman & Marlborough region.

We offer personal and friendly local help desk support. If you are coming to us from another provider we will simplify the transition. If you are a new user we will help in your initial set-up.


The UFB products are peak rate based so can vary in speed during different times of the day. UFB has a guaranteed minimum delivery of 2.5Mbps

Setup costs

A managed firewall router will be preconfigured and supplied, a one off setup charge of $175+GST is charged and the firewall can then be managed through contacting support team. Business connections require a one-month equivalent establishment fee.

Our residental UFB router is a high powered wireless access point.

There is a 12 month minimum contract for fibre connections. Early termination charges will apply.
You can move up or down the plans as your needs change. One months notice is required for termination of contract.

How fast is UFB?

Your speed will be determined by your chosen plan speeds down/up and any contention on the Chorus UFB Fibre network.


Onsite equipment installation of UFB requires the following:

A Chorus technician will install a white box called a ETP ( External Termination Point ) on the outside of your house.   Fibre from the street connects to this device. It does not require power.

A second fibre runs from the ETP to a central location of your house were the ONT (optical network terminal) is installed. The ONT is the device your UFB router will connect to.  Usually these are installed where your TV is located. The ONT requires a standard power socket to run.

The 3rd device required is our UFB router. This is supplied by (See setup costs)

If you are using VoIP for your phone, you may like to install a UPS to supply power in an outage. the ONT, ethernet router and your phone will require power to work correctly.