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cPanel is our web hosting account management tool. This is available on our shared Linux hosting plans. You only get one username per cPanel account. If you create addon, parked and subdomains, those domains can be accessed by logging in to your main cP...
Find your server settings here for email, DNS, NTP etc. MAIL SERVERS (POP3, IMAP & SMTP) Your mail server settings will be dependent upon your email address domain. For example, if your email address was your settings become: PO...
An Internet Service Provider or ISP is a company that provides a connection for customers to be able to access the internet and provide additional related services such as email. allows customers to access the internet via fixed internet su...
WHAT IS TTL OR TIME TO LIVE?  TTL, or Time-to-Live, is the length of time for when a zone file is set to expire. This is usually expressed in number of seconds.  If you ask your local DNS server (usually provided by your ISP) for an Internet address, th...
If you are have a silkweb or netz email address. Click directly on this link to access webmail: * Silkweb: [] * Netz: []  * Netz: http://...