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Nov 2017
Tech Talk: Wifi vulnerable As you may have heard in news media, a serious weakness in the Wifi Security WPA2 protocol has been identified. This may allow attackers within range of vulnerable Wifi devices or access point to intercept passwords, e-mails, and other data presumed to be encrypted, and in some cases, to inject ransomware or other malicious content into a website a client is visiting.

We offer the following internet & broadband solutions.


Our premium fibre solution is available across Marlborough, Nelson and Tasman for those who require a guaranteed fibre service. We offer committed rates starting from 10Mbit to 1000Mbit (1 Gigibit).


Our premium fibre estate solution is available at selected Marlborough, Nelson and Tasman residential estates. Premium fibre service is provided by Network Tasman (NTL). We offer committed rates starting from 10Mbit to 1000Mbit (1 Gigibit).


Our standard fiber offering to new home and business are provided as part of the national roll out across the top of the South Island.
Plans for download and upload are offered up to 200/200 (Mbit).

FIXED BROADBAND (ADSL) - Copper - Grandfathering Feb 2018

ADSL is a broadband service available over a traditional copper telephone line. GRANDFATHERED Service Feb 2018
However - it is with pleasure that we continue to offer a number of Broadband options
UFB (Ultra-fast Broadband) Fibre
NTL Residential and Premium Fibre
TPNet's Regional Wireless Broadband Network


Using current generation wireless technologies, beams the internet straight into your home or business. Our services are available across the top of the South Island on our own network.


Do you require something different. We offer wholesale bandwidth, unlimited pipes and a guaranteed rate to your location or ours. is locally owned and operated and is an experienced Internet Service Provider in the Nelson Tasman & Marlborough region.

Contact us for a no obligation connectivity consultation to see which of our services is right for you.