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Nov 2017
Tech Talk: Wifi vulnerable As you may have heard in news media, a serious weakness in the Wifi Security WPA2 protocol has been identified. This may allow attackers within range of vulnerable Wifi devices or access point to intercept passwords, e-mails, and other data presumed to be encrypted, and in some cases, to inject ransomware or other malicious content into a website a client is visiting.

Broadband Over your phone line

ADSL is a broadband service available over a traditional copper telephone line.

We bundle all the options together so there are no further expense on extras

All our ADSL plans include;

  • A static IP address (normally reserved for business users only)  
  • 5 Email mailboxes as standard which includes webmail access
  • Support from our team of experienced helpdesk staff
  • As fast as your line can go. Full speed connectivity. There are no limits on your circuit speed
  • Free local data* if you use our goBackup service for online backups


Your ADSL broadband connection will need a ADSL router, if you haven’t already
got one we can supply a unit that includes wireless or advise you alternative purchase options.

If you require a ADSL wireless modem a $129 modem fee including postage applies. You can reuse in most cases an existing ADSL modem.


There are no limits on your ADSL or Naked DSL connection. 

Your broadband speed however will be affected by any combination of factors such as the specifications
of your computers, website being visited, distance from the exchange, and other user activity at
the time at your location or across the network. Download speeds will be faster than upload.

Our Plans

Please note: as from 1st July 2016, our standard ADSL plans will be increasing in price.
Unfortunately this is directly due to an increase in the cost of supply from the network operator, which we have no control over.

Our plans include GST. Excess data over the plan allocation is charged at $2 per GB

Data Volume  ADSL Cost Naked DSL
40GB $62 $89
100GB $82 $119
250GB $117 $154

Phone Line

ADSL requires an existing copper phone line to your location. Our ADSL plans require an active phone number with your phone line provider.
The  Naked DSL does not require this phone line to have an active phone number


Traffic management policy and terms apply.

12 month term and $199 early termination charge applies.

*Local data is any data downloaded / uploaded to any device or customer directly connected to network