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Nov 2017
Tech Talk: Wifi vulnerable As you may have heard in news media, a serious weakness in the Wifi Security WPA2 protocol has been identified. This may allow attackers within range of vulnerable Wifi devices or access point to intercept passwords, e-mails, and other data presumed to be encrypted, and in some cases, to inject ransomware or other malicious content into a website a client is visiting.
Sorry, we were unable to find this news article.
Network Status
03 May 2019 11:03 AM
Technicians are completing the last stages of the remediation work on the fibre circuit now, normal service is expected from this point onwards. If you experience further outages from this point forwards please contact TPNet on 03 543 9094

Network Status
02 May 2019 10:59 PM
Internet service has been partially restored as of 1045pm. Full service restoration will be confirmed in the morning.

Network Status
02 May 2019 07:41 PM
The fibre network operator technicians have identified a location for the current issue and are working to resolve the fault. Current estimated time of resolution is 3am Friday morning. Further updates as information comes to light.

Network Status
02 May 2019 02:40 PM
An extended outage is currently affecting customers on Marlborough broadband networks at present. The upstream fibre network provider is looking to identify the cause of the issue and will report estimated time of repair as soon as they know. TPNet will continue to provide updates as information comes to hand.

Network Status
09 April 2019 08:54 AM
No known network issues at present.

Where is NTL fibre available

Plans are only available where Network Tasman fibre exists or is nearby.
Please contact us for your location so we can see if we can get the network built
to your location

Advantage of NTL fibre

NTL fibre connections for the most demanding users requiring low.
latency, available bandwidth and high up-time service.

Lite business plans have a committed connection speed of 5Mb/s.
Our premium business fibre plans offer committed connection up to 200Mb/s.

Dedicated equipment

Special equipment needs to be installed at your property. On some occasions permits also need to be granted so allow no less than 15 working days to get connected.


NTL fibre require:
  • Max connection speed of either 100 or 250Mbps
  • Term 12 ,24 or 36 months
  • Data plan 

 Connection Speed

1 year term

2 year term3 year term
100/100Mbps $115 $110 $100 Price per month
excl GST
250/250Mbps $265 $255 $230
Plus Data Plan100Gb200Gb500Gb1Tb
+$69.95 +$89.95  +$129.95   +$249.95

Call us on 03 543 9094 or email us here for more details on NTL Fibre Business and Lite pricing and options

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